Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application(s): Admin Portal

This article will cover the following:

  1. Provide an overview of the various functional sections available to authorised administrators who have access to the PlayHQ Admin Portal 

If you are an authorised administrator, log in to the PlayHQ Admin Portal.

Use the screenshot and descriptions below to familiarise yourself with the main navigation menu. If you are the administrator of a club, the 'Game Day' menu item will not be visible.

"Using as" menu The Using as menu reflects the organisation/s that you are able to access as an administrator. You will only be able to view organisations that you are authorised to access. If you have access to more than one organisation, you can select the organisation you would like to administrate from the dropdown list. Alternatively, you can type the organisation's name in this field to search for the relevant organisation.
Competition Management Competition Management provides access to the competitions set up or available to the organisation and provides access to the seasons, registration forms, grades, teams, fixtures, etc... for each competition.
Game Day (not available to Club organisations) The Game Day menu allows you to list the games played/to be played on a particular day. Once you've located games, you can download scoresheets, enter results, or go to detailed game pages for games.
Programs The Programs menu allows you to manage and create programs.
Participants The Participants menu allows you to search for participants who have ever registered to your organisation.
Incidents The Incidents menu allows you to search for game and non-game incidents, and create non-game incidents.
Transfers & Permits This menu will only be available for sports that have Transfers, Permits or both available.
Products The Products menu allows you to create and manage products such as Merchandise and Fundraising. 
Venues The Venue menu allows you to view a list of all venues available to your sport. Each venue has more detailed information available, including location and contact details. Only users with a certain level of access can manage the venues that appear in this list.
Reports The Reports menu provides you with a number of competition, program, product orders and financial reports.
My Organisation My Organisation is home to a number of specific information - overview details of your organisation (that are displayed to the public), your organisation's terms and conditions, vouchers, supplied banking details that have been used to setup your organisation's Stripe Connect Account, and the list of users that have access to your organisation.
Settings The Settings menu contains access to activate government sport vouchers for your organisation, and a list of your sport's organisations that are available in the system. Only users with a certain level of access can manage the organisations that appear in this list.
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