Generating a Domestic Competition Fixture

Applicable to: Association Administrators
Application(s): Admin Portal > Competition Management

This article will cover the following:

  1. How to generate a Domestic Competition fixture in the PlayHQ Admin Portal
  2. Editing specific game details

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Before you begin generating a grade's fixture, ensure the correct teams are allocated to the grade.


Generating a fixture

Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition and Season tile, and then select the Grades tab. When two or more teams have been allocated to a grade in a season, the 'Generate Fixture' button will be enabled next to the grade's name. Once all the right teams are allocated to the grade select the 'Generate Fixture' to begin the guided process:


Configuring the fixture settings

Once you've selected 'Generate Fixture', the Fixture settings page will display in the first step of two. Complete all required information with the appropriate details for the grade. Use the image and table below for reference:


# Section Description
1 Grade start date

Set the start date for Round One of your fixture – the system will take into account the day of the week you selected when setting up your grade, and commence the fixture from that day.

# of rounds Set the number of rounds that will run for the regular season of the competition.
Note: The "Number of rounds" does not include finals rounds.
Frequency Set the frequency of rounds.
Note: Currently, the system only supports weekly games (games played on a 7-day cycle) when generating a fixture. Fixture generation for tournament-style competitions functions differently in this respect and allows for rounds to be played on the same or specific days.
2 Set finals on/off Finals defaults to on but you can disable this by switching the toggle off. It's recommended that you set up finals while generating your regular season fixture. If you do not set it up and want to do so later, you can follow the instructions in Adding or removing a grade's finals article.
Standard format There are a number of standard finals formats available for selection. You will only be able to select a format that includes up to the number of teams in the grade e.g. if 6 teams are in a grade, a 7 team finals format will not be available to be selected. Standard finals formats have the appropriate progression rules in place that will automatically progress a team through the round/s of finals.
A custom finals game can be added to a standard finals series if required at a later time.
Custom format If the standard finals formats do not suit your needs, a custom finals format can be selected whereby the number of rounds is selected and finals games are manually created in each round. Teams will have to be manually progressed through the finals series by an administrator.
3 Exception dates Finally, set any exception dates for the grade - that is, days when the grade should not have any games. Exception dates created or updated at the season level will be visible and can be adopted or ignored by deselecting the Season setting tickbox. Read a detailed breakdown in the managing exception dates for a grade or season exception dates article.


Select the 'Review Fixture' button to progress to the second step - review the fixture.


Reviewing the fixture pre-generation

A summary of the fixture will be displayed for your final review with the relevant exception dates and finals dates included (if you've selected/configured these):

If you're unhappy with the details of how the fixture will be generated, select the 'Back' button to take you back to the previous step, where you can make adjustments and choose to review the fixture again.

Alternatively, select 'Generate Fixture' to commit your settings and have the fixture for the grade created.


Viewing the fixture post-generation

Once a fixture is generated for a grade, you'll be able to view the fixture for the grade by selecting the 'View fixture' button that has now replaced the 'Generate Fixture' button in the grade list.

You will arrive on the grade's Regular Season fixture page. If you chose to generate finals rounds you will see the 'Finals' tab. Select the finals tab to view the finals rounds/games for the grade:

Typically the next step is to allocate games to a playing surface (court/field).

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