Viewing a grade's regular season fixture

Once you've generated a fixture for a grade, it will be available for you to view within the grade. This article provides you with an overview of a grade's regular season fixture page. For more information on a finals fixture, view the viewing a grade's finals fixture article.


Viewing a grade's regular season fixture

To view a fixture:

  1. From the menu, click Competition Management
  2. Select a Season
  3. Select a Grade
  4. Click the View Fixture button.



The Fixture will display with the Regular Season tab selected. Learn more about each area below.


# Section Description


Fixtures, Ladders, and Settings tabs The fixtures, ladder and settings tabs assist with navigation between these elements in the selected grade.
2 Regular Season and Finals fixture sub-tabs The regular season and finals fixture sub-tabs navigate between the regular season and finals (if available) fixture.
3 Add a Game The 'Add a game' button allows you to add regular season games to your fixture. Learn how to do this in the add a regular season game to your grade's fixture article. In a similar fashion, you can add a game to the finals fixture.
4 Round details The round banner groups the date(s) and games related to the round.
5 Date The date or dates that games are scheduled for/took place on will appear under date groupings within a round.
6 Game details Each game details row includes the following:
  • The Home and Away teams
  • Each team's outcome (e.g. Win, Loss, Draw, Forfeit, Disqualification) - if the game is finalised
  • Team scores
  • Time of the game – this could be TBC
  • Venue and playing surface (court/field) – this could be TBC
  • Game status – see below
  • Game options - see below
7 Game status The game status indicates the current state of a game. One of the following states may apply to a game at any given time:
  • Upcoming - The game is in the future and has not had scores entered/been finalised.
  • In Progress - The game is within the scheduled game time and does not have a result. Or the game is currently being Live Scored by an online electronic scoring device.
  • Pending - The game end time has passed and scores have not been entered. The game has not been finalised.
  • Final - The game has been finalised – either via scores being entered or from marking a team(s) as forfeited/disqualified.
  • AbandonedThe game has been abandoned.
  • CancelledThe game has been cancelled.
Learn more about scoring and updating games in the Game Day details and scoring section.
8 Game options

When selecting the ellipses, the following options are displayed:

Select the links below to learn more about each option:

9 Game Indicators

A Live badge will be displayed when a game has PlayHQ Live Scoring and the scoring device is online.

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