There are many options available to manage finals games from editing the game details (teams, venue, court, date, and time) along with the ability to update scores and statistics.  Game aliases can also be created to further identify games.  To explore further, follow these steps:

Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition and Season tile, and then select the Grades tab. Select the 'View Fixture' button for the appropriate grade. You will be taken to the Regular season fixture. Select the 'Finals' sub-tab to view the grade's finals fixture.

To manage a finals game, select the '3 dot ellipse' for the relevant game and the 'Edit game details' or 'Update Scores & Stats'.


Editing Finals Game details

If you have finals enabled and prior to the season being complete, placeholder names will be displayed, i.e. Ladder Position 1 v Ladder Position 2.  If attempting to edit the game prior to assigning finals teams, you'll notice the Home team and Away team fields will be locked.

Note: The Round name cannot be edited for finals games (Round names can only be amended for upcoming regular season games). 


Once finals teams have been assigned, the fields become unlocked and you can now edit the finals Home and Away team games details. 

You can also amend the Game alias name. 

Note The Game alias name displays in the fixture for the grade on your organisation's PlayHQ Discover site.


Update scores for a finals game

A Finals game cannot be scored until both the Home and Away teams have been assigned for the game.

The 'Update Scores & Stats' option will not be visible until both Home and Away teams have been assigned. See the Assigning finals teams to finals games article for the details of how to assign teams to finals.


Once both Home and Away teams have been assigned to a game the 'Update Scores & Stats' option becomes available:


Selecting 'Update Scores & Stats' will display the Game Details page:


Use the Managing game outcome override results article to learn more about the editing options available on a Game Details page.


Editing and deleting a manually created finals game

You can edit and delete manually created finals games that has not been finalised.

When viewing the finals fixture with a manually created finals game, click on the '3 dot ellipse' that appears on the right side of the game that needs to be edited and select the 'Edit Game Details' option:


You'll be taken to the Edit game page. View the Managing a finals game article for more details about editing options.


Editing a finalised manually created finals game

Once a manually created finals game has been finalised, you may still choose to edit the game, but you will only be able to edit the allocation information. The game details section will appear as read-only.

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