Once a grade's fixture has been generated, you can allocate games to venues and playing surfaces (courts/fields) and specify game times in four ways:

This article covers Allocating a game using the List View to assign a single game to a venue, playing surface (court/field), and time.


Allocate a game using the List View

Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition and Season tile, and then select the Allocations tab, Games sub-tab.

The months in which games are fixtured will display. Expand a month to view the game allocations for that month. Use the screen image and table below to assist in understanding this view:



# Section Description
1 Games sub-tab The Games sub-tab is the default view of the Allocations tab. The Game Slots sub-tab is generally used for domestic type competitions and is used to quickly assign game times and venues across the entire season.
2 The warning icon highlights that there are game clashes within the month.
Tip: Expand the month to view which dates have clashing games - the clash icon (!) will display next to those dates and games.
3 Minimised month Only months with games fixtured will display.    
4 All games allocated The date is highlighted green to indicate that all the games have been allocated (no game clashes).
5 Games need allocating The date remains white with 'x games need allocating' text displayed to indicate that there are still games that require allocation.


To allocate a game from the List view, select the List sub-tab and use the following screen image and table to assist to understand this view:


# Section Description
1 List view tab The List view groups grades and game allocations in vertical scrollable list. Allocations can also be viewed in a Calendar from here.
2 Grades Grade names will be displayed, aligned to the games listed.
3 Game Individual games together with their round # will be displayed here.
4 % Required

Certain grades may only require a portion of the court (such as junior competitions and some alternative game formats). Competition settings and grade settings can have a Court Percentage Allocation to allow for this.

Multiple games (with a percentage less than 100%) can be added to the same court at the same time, as long as the total court percentage required is not greater than 100%.

Games that exceed the available court space will appear in red. These allocations can still be saved. A clash icon will display in the Allocations > Game Tab when this occurs.

5 Status The allocation status is displayed here. Green/Allocated, Grey/Unallocated. A red warning icon displays if games are in a clashed state.
6 Allocated games Allocated games display the venue, playing surface (court/field), and game start time.
7 Unallocated games Unallocated games display blank allocation fields. Select to allocate the game.



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