Allocate All Games in a Season using Game Slots

Game Slot allocation is primarily used for domestic style competition game allocation and can greatly speed up game allocations for a season. Game Slot allocation allows for the bulk allocation of games for the entire regular season. Essentially, in a single step for the administrator, each game in each round of the entire regular season of competition is allocated the same:

  • Venue and playing surface (court/field)
  • Time

Teams rotate through the various game slots in each round and therefore rotate through venue/s, playing surfaces (courts/fields), and game times.

The number of game slots is based on the number of games to be played per round in each grade as generated by the fixturing process. For example, if 3 games were played in a grade every round, 3 game slots would be created at the time the grade's fixture was created.

Note: 'Byes' are not counted as a 'game' and therefore never show as a game in any area of the system. Finals games will need to be allocated using the standard game allocation.


Game slot allocation

Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition and Season tile, and then select the Allocations tab and finally the Game Slot sub-tab.

The Game Slot view allows you to view, allocate, and move the games in each round's game slot. Use the screen image and table below to assist in understanding this view:


# Section Description
1 Game Slots sub-tab Use game slots to quickly assign fixtured games to the same playing surface (court/field) and time for the whole season. Teams will rotate through game playing surface and time allocations.
2 All Game Slots allocated The Day of the week is highlighted green to indicate that all the game slots have been allocated.
3 Game Slot needs allocating The Day of the week remains white with 'x slots need allocating' text displayed to indicate that there are still Game Slots that require allocation.


Allocating game slots via the Calendar View

The Calendar View displays a visual representation of game allocations. The calendar can be used to change venues, playing surfaces, time as well as resolve game clashes (clash games highlight in red) in the calendar view.

Selecting the relevant 'View' button for a given day of the week opens the Calendar view of game slot allocation for that weekday. Use the following screen image and table to assist to understand this view:


# Section Description
1 Calendar view tab This is the default view of Game slot allocation.
2 Allocated game slots Each block represents an allocated game slot. Green confirms no game slot clash. Red warns that game slots are in a clashed state. If blue - shows that there is an unsaved change. Save to confirm changes.
3 Unallocated game slots Game slots initially appear as unallocated and blue. Click, drag, and drop to allocate to a playing surface and time. 


Allocating game slots via the list view

Select the List view of game slot allocation for the relevant weekday. Use the following screen image and table to assist to understand this view:


# Section Description
1 List view tab The List view of game slot allocations provides a spreadsheet type view from which game slot allocations can be undertaken.
2 Grades Grade names will be displayed, aligned to the game slots listed.
3 Game Individual game slots will be displayed here.
4 Status The allocation status is displayed here. Green/Allocated, Grey/Unallocated. A red warning icon displays if game slots are in a clashed state.
5 Allocated game slots Allocated game slots display the venue, playing surface (court/field), and game start time.
6 Unallocated game slots Unallocated game slots display blank allocation fields. Select to allocate the game slot.


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