Managing the visibility of grades, rounds, scores and outcomes

Managing a grade's public visibility setting controls whether or not the public can view the grade on the organisation's public-facing PlayHQ Discover page.

Although very similar to competition visibility and season visibility, the grade's setting allows for the control of the visibility of a grade, and its rounds, game scores and outcomes.

Setting a grade as 'Hidden' allows an administrator to continue to work on its fixture, ladder, and game results without a member of the public being able to view such detail. In a similar fashion, an administrator may wish to only show the initial x number of rounds involved in a Grading Phase of the competition following which all rounds are made visible. Hidden game scores and outcomes allow only an administrator to access this detail with members of the public only viewing the grade's fixture details.

Set the visibility of a Grade, Rounds, and Scores and Outcomes

When setting the visibility of a grade, you also have the option to hide certain rounds and game scores and outcomes. To configure these visibility settings, select Competition Management, the Season, view the list of Grades, click the appropriate grade to access the grade's Settings tab, and then the General sub-tab. Set and update the appropriate visibility setting for the grade, which rounds to show, and the display of scores and outcomes. You can return at any time to update these settings.

Once you've set your Grade Visibility, you will see the visibility status on the grades listing page in the administration portal. 

You can also click directly on the visibility status of a grade to reset the grade visibility and rounds to show via a pop-up modal that will appear.

Select Confirm to save any revised settings.

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