Determining the round that a grade's ladder will be calculated from

Determining the round that a grade's ladder will be calculated from, allows you to run games without displaying the game outcomes and ladder statistics to the general public. This is feature is typically used to eliminate the outcomes of games played in the Grading Phase of the regular season, effectively 'resetting' the grade's ladder post-grading. This allows rounds to be played to help determine which teams need to be redistributed (regraded) to another grade to better balance the competition.

Note: A fixture needs to be generated for the grade.

Set the Round that the ladder will be calculated from

From the Competition menu, select the relevant Season, and then select the grade's 'View fixture' button. From the grade view, select the Settings tab, and finally the Ladder sub-tab:

You will be able to choose the round you'd like to commence the ladder calculation from. 

For example, in the screen image above, Rounds 1 to 3 will not be included in the ladder calculation. The ladder has been set to calculate from the game outcomes and statistics from Round 4 on. 

You are also able to activate (via the toggle) a setting that applies that only results from this specific grade are to be included in this grade's ladder.

Note: By default, regrading will include any outcomes or and team statistics from Round 1, as well as results from any grade that a team has played in for the season.

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