If you have received a voucher code from the organisation that you are registering to, and you have an outstanding balance that needs to be paid, you'll be able to use the voucher code on the Payment & Summary page in the registration process using the instructions below. 


Using Voucher Codes

In the Order summary section of the Payment & Summary registration step, you'll be able to take the following action with voucher code/s:

  1. Apply a single voucher code to a required fee from the same organisation
  2. Apply multiple voucher codes received from multiple organisations that require payment from you (you can apply a maximum of one voucher for any fee required by an organisation)
  3. Remove a voucher that you have applied

Apply a single voucher

At the Payment & Summary registration step, enter the voucher code and select the Apply button to apply it to the checkout. 

The PlayHQ system will validate the voucher code and apply the set discount amount. The amount owing will be recalculated when a valid voucher code is applied.

In the event that the voucher code discount exceeds the amount you are required to pay from the fees set by that organisation, the fee amount for that organisation will be set to $0.00 and any remaining amount of the voucher will be void.

If the voucher code was incorrect, no longer valid, or not from an organisation that is charging you a fee for your registration, an error will display.

If the voucher code was valid and is correctly applied, you will see the discount amount applied in the Order summary section of the page.

After applying the voucher, if a fee is no longer due to complete your registration, you will not need to enter any payment or billing details but you must continue through to the 'Registration successful' notification.

There are a few voucher rules that you should consider:

  • You can only apply one voucher code per organisation whose fee is displayed in the Payment & Summary step registration.
  • If you apply a voucher code that is worth more than the fee of the corresponding organisation, then the fee will be set to $0.00 and you will not be able to apply any remaining voucher value to any other fees that are due (the voucher becomes fully redeemed and cannot be used again).

If you have been supplied with multiple discount vouchers to discount fees set by multiple organisations (eg. State sporting organisation, your association, and club fees) then you can apply voucher codes supplied to you from each of these organisations in the Order summary section as per above. However, only one voucher code per organisation can be applied.


Remove a voucher

You can click the "x" icon next to a voucher you've applied in the Order summary section to remove the voucher.

You'll then be able to once again apply a voucher. The voucher redemption will also appear on the payment tax invoice sent by email from PlayHQ to the PlayHQ Account holder.

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