Venue and playing surface overview

This article provides an overview of the Venues menu item. Venues and their playing surfaces (courts, fields) are managed by the sport's governing body. PlayHQ allows an association/league administrator to allocate games to a playing surface at any venue.

Game allocations are viewable in the relevant grade fixture on the PlayHQ Discover site.


Venue list

Select the Venues main menu item. A list of all configured venues will be displayed. Select a venue's View button to expand the view of the venue.



Venue detail view

A detailed view of a venue includes venue location and contact details and provides a list of available playing surfaces (courts/fields). Each playing surface can in turn be expanded to show attributes of the playing surface.

Section Description
Venue name The name of the venue
Location information

The side tile provides venue details, including location, abbreviated name, and contact details

List of the Playing surfaces (courts/fields) A list of playing surfaces at the venue
Playing surface summary Basic information is provided here. Icons representing playing surface features display - you may hover over these to assist with identifying the feature an icon represents.
Court details

Detailed information is provided here when the playing surface is expanded.


Note: If a venue and/or playing surface is not listed, or if existing details need to be updated, please contact your sport's governing body.

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