Generate a Participants Report

The Participants Report generates a list of all registered participants in a season, including the teams they have been allocated to.  

To generate the report, select Reports, then the Competitions tab, and then the Participants report. Select the relevant Competition, and Season, Registration Dates and then click the Generate button:

Note: Administration Body Administrators (ie. at State or Region level) will be able to select from an organisation option to view all organisations under them.

The report will be generated and a success message at the bottom of the page will indicate that report is ready to be downloaded:

Go to the 'Generated Reports' tab to see the list of generated reports. Click the Download button to download the report in .csv format:

The Participants Report will include detailed information of each participant as a separate row, with the following participant details displayed as columns:

• Registration Timestamp
• First Name
• Last Name
• Preferred Name
• Profile ID
• Date of Birth
• Gender
• Age Group
• Role
• Team
• Player Number
• Player Point Value
• Grade
• New to Association/League
• New to Club
• Source
• Status
• Cancellation Reason
• Permit From
• Permit To
• School Details
• School Year
• Global Custom Fields
• Competition based Custom Fields
• Club
• Host Organisation
• Host Organisation ID
• Competition
• Competition Type
• Format
• Season
• Management Access
• Order Number
• Privacy Setting
• Opted-in to Marketing
• Account Holder
• Account Holder Mobile
• Account Holder Email
• Participant Address
• Participant Suburb/Town
• Participant Postcode
• Participant State/Province/Region
• Participant Country
• For AU tenants: Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander
• For NZ tenants: Ethnicity
• Participant Country of Birth
• AU ONLY: Parent/Guardian Born Overseas
• AU ONLY: Parent/Guardian 1 Country of Birth
• AU ONLY: Parent/Guardian 2 Country of Birth
• Disability
• Disability Type
• Disability Other
• Disability Assistance
• AU ONLY: WWC Number
• AU ONLY: WWC Expiry Date
• AU ONLY: WWC State of Issue
• Coaching Accreditation Level
• Parent/Guardian1 First Name
• Parent/Guardian1 Last Name
• Parent/Guardian1 Mobile
• Parent/Guardian1 Email
• Parent/Guardian1 Address
• Parent/Guardian1 Suburb/Town
• Parent/Guardian1 Postcode
• Parent/Guardian1 State/Province/Region
• Parent/Guardian1 Country
• Parent/Guardian2 First Name
• Parent/Guardian2 Last Name
• Parent/Guardian2 Mobile
• Parent/Guardian2 Email
• Parent/Guardian2 Address
• Parent/Guardian2 Suburb/Town
• Parent/Guardian2 Postcode
• Parent/Guardian2 State/Province/Region
• Parent/Guardian2 Country
• Emergency Contact First Name
• Emergency Contact Last Name
• Emergency Contact Mobile
• Emergency Contact Email
• Emergency Contact Relationship

Note: Administration Body Administrators (ie. at State or Region level) will not be able to see association or clubs custom field questions that they have created for their own participants.

The below table showcases updates made to report headers and fields from original reports:

Original Report Header New Report Header Change
registration date Registration Timestamp Now shows registration date and registration timestamp.
  Player Number Not shown previously.

Player number of the player according to their team’s page. This does not reference the player number stored against appearances.

In the case of the same registration playing in multiple teams, they may have different player numbers per record.
gender Gender Self-described free text data now available.
status Status Cancelled now applies if the participation record has been cancelled or transferred out.
  Host Organisation ID ID of the org that is running the competition that the participant is registering to.
mgt_access Management Access Change to text shown in heading.

Will now encompass players who are allocated as Team Captains.
  Order Number The order number that is associated with the registration. This number is available in all financial reports and invoices.
  Privacy Setting Current 'Privacy Setting' of the participant's profile
  Account Holder Indicates whether or not the profile belongs to the account holder or a dependant of an account holder.

If the accountHolderEmailAddress and the participantEmailAddress are the same value, this field will be YES.

If the accountHolderEmailAddress and the participantEmailAddress are different (including a blank value), this field will be NO.
  Account Holder Mobile Mobile phone number for the PlayHQ account that is associated with the profile.

New functionality where we always show the mobile number of the account holder, regardless of whether this is a dependant record or the account holder record.
  Account Holder Email Email address for the PlayHQ account that is associated with the profile.

New functionality where this is the email address of the PlayHQ account holder that the profile is related to.


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