Recording player free throws and field goals using electronic scoring

This article describes how to record player free throws and field goals in the PlayHQ electronic scoring application.


Recording a free throw or field goal

To record a player free throw or field goal, select the player name:

Then select the appropriate score:

Note: If the player who made the score cannot be identified, the score made can be attributed to the appropriate team by selecting the team's name and applying the appropriate score.


The following table describes the correct score to apply based on the game scenario:

Scenario Score
The player makes a free throw from the free-throw line 1
The player makes a field goal on or within the three-point line 2
The player makes a field goal beyond the three-point line 3


The player and team's point totals will increase, and a confirmation message will be displayed after the score is recorded:



Player free throws and field goals can also be recorded by first selecting the score then selecting the player name (or the team name if the player cannot be identified).

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