Locking and unlocking an electronic scoring device

This article describes how to lock a device to a court and unlock the device in the PlayHQ electronic scoring application.

Locking a device to a court allows an electronic scoring device to be placed courtside in a 'kiosk' mode that ensures scorers cannot change the court or interfere with the device setup.


Locking a device to a court

To lock a device to a court, first select the Day and the Court that the device will be used on:

Then select the Lock icon at the top of the page:

The device will now be locked to the day and court and will require the 4 digit number PIN to exit:


Unlocking a device

To unlock a device, select Exit in the top left corner of the page:

Enter the session 4 digit number PIN, then select Confirm:

Congratulations! The device is now unlocked, and a new day and court can be selected:


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