Configuring a family member discount for registering players

The Family member discount feature provides a percentage discount off the applicable organisation (Association or Club) player registration fee which applies to each subsequent player registration registered under the same account holder, to the same organisation, and within the same competition and season.  The family member discount does not apply to registrations to any Program.

By enabling the discount, eligible players will have the discount applied and displayed as they register and subsequently on the PlayHQ tax invoice emailed to the account holder following successful registration. 

Administrators can view and track discounts that have been applied to players by viewing the enhanced Transaction Report.

Players only receive the family member discount from the organisation they are registering to.  For example, a discount won't be applied to association fees as well as club fees when using a club participant registration form.


Note: The family member discount does not apply when a team organiser uses the association 'Team to Season' team registration form.


Configuring a family member discount

From Competition Management, select the relevant Competition and Season, and then select the Registration tab. Towards the bottom of the page, select the Set up discount button within the Family Member Discount section:


Enter the appropriate discount percentage. This must be a whole number between 1 and 100, then select the Save button.


The discount will now be applied to subsequent player registrations ie. the first player registered won't receive a discount and pays the full applicable registration fee, however the second player to register to the same organisation, competition, and season under the same account holder will receive the discount off their applicable registration fee.

The status of the Family member discount will now display as Active.

To edit an existing discount you will select the Manage button.

To disable or make the discount inactive, adjust the status.

The discount will now appear as ''Inactive'' on the Registration page.


When the Family member discount is active, and applicable it will appear on the player's registration form Fees and Payment & Summary pages. The discount will also display on the participants' invoice.



The Transaction report has also been enhanced to display the Family member discount's name, percentage, and the discount dollar amount applied.

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