Editing the primary account holder

The PlayHQ platform is set up so you can view a child or dependant's account which is linked to the primary account holder. 

In the instance that you have set up a child/dependant as the primary account holder in error, the following two scenarios are available to you:

The child/dependant's registration is not yet complete

If you have only set up a PlayHQ Profile Account and not yet completed a registration, you should simply change the name of the person within the profile account to be that of the responsible person (a parent/legal carer), then proceed with completing the registration for your child/dependant ensuring that you register them as a new family member/dependant. 

Registration has been completed

If a registration has been completed, the system is currently unable to change which account is marked as the primary account holder.

If the child/dependant account is marked as the primary account holder, please continue with registering any additional linked family members.


If you need to edit any other information contained within a PlayHQ profile you can find more information here.


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