Release the week of 26th of February 2020

Fixtures, ladders and results

We’ve made some significant enhancements to the public PlayHQ Discover site with the highlight being a new Game Centre to showcase player line-ups, fouls and scores from games. Games scored via electronic scoring, or results manually entered in the admin portal, will now be published for everyone to view on the game centres. We’ve also built a new Association/Club Team page allowing participants to view their team’s results, fixtures and ladder.  Improved navigation lets users click on team and club names from the fixtures, ladders and game centres to display team pages. Lastly, we’ve introduced a new participant privacy setting to hide names on public sites. 

  • Display player scores, statistics and line-ups on a new Game Centre page which can be accessed via fixtures from Associations, Clubs and the new Association Team page.

  • Introduced a new privacy option on participants profiles to hide their names or dependents names on all game statistics for club & association websites. Note: Administrators will see participants names on games and also see the privacy setting selected in the participant's profile.

  • A new Association Team page for participants and followers to view the team's ladders, results and fixtures.

  • The ability to click on team names from ladders, fixtures and game centres and be taken to the respective team pages.

  • Highlighted grade colours within fixtures for visibility of current grades and previous regrades.


  • New Association and Club colour differentiation to assist users to understand what page they are on.

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