Cancelling a participant's registration

Cancelling a participant's registration allows association and club administrators to remove a participant from a competition or program season if the participant no longer participating in that season.

This article describes how to cancel a participant's registration.


Participants generally play, coach or team manage for an entire season, however, circumstances can arise where a participant can no longer participate in a season. Common examples include registering to the wrong club, competition/program or season, or, changed personal circumstances from which the participant requests their registration to be cancelled.

Cancelling a participant's registration allows a participant to be removed from the competition or program season while maintaining a record of their participation up to that time in that season.


Cancelling a registration

To cancel a participant's registration, locate and view the participant's record, expand the registration that is to be cancelled, and then select Cancel Registration:

In the Cancel Registration form, type a Reason why the registration is to be cancelled, then select Cancel Registration:

Note: The cancellation reason entered is for administrator use only and will not be displayed to the participant.


Once the registration has been cancelled, the cancellation date and reason are displayed on the participant's registration record:

What happens when a participant's registration is cancelled?

When a participant's registration is cancelled: the participant is removed from any team(s) as a player, coach, assistant coach, or team manager. If the participant is a player involved in a team, they are removed from any upcoming games. The participant cannot be selected as a player or coach in upcoming games.

Any finalised game(s) that the participant participated in will remain untouched, including player and coach statistics.

Please note that cancelling a registration does not refund the participant of any registration fees that they have paid. In addition, a cancelled registration cannot be reversed and the participant will need to re-register to participate in the season.


Reporting on cancelled participants

Use the Participation Report to view the status of each participant's registration(s) and any associated cancellation reason.


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