This article provides association administrators with an overview of each key administrative task in PlayHQ to ensure their association and their affiliated clubs are ready to take registrations in PlayHQ.

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The following instructions require the association administrator to log in to the PlayHQ Admin Portal via 

If you do not have access, please contact another administrator of your association who can log in and grant your access.

Initial setup of basic association information

My Organisation > Overview > Details tab 

  • Your association logo will appear when PlayHQ uploads this. 
  • If you have an existing website for your association, enter the website URL; otherwise, leave blank. Details that are entered will appear as a link in the footer section of the association’s PlayHQ webpages.
  • If you have your own association policies/terms and conditions either link to the appropriate webpage or enter the relevant text; otherwise, leave blank.  Participants will be able to view your T&C's on association registration forms, as well as affiliated club/team forms.

My Organisation > Overview > Contacts tab 

  • Enter the contact information that you want visible on your PlayHQ association website.
  • Ignore the vouchers tab for now.

My Organisation > Overview > Payments tab

  • To be able to process payments within PlayHQ for your association, you will need to submit your organisation's payment details via the 'Payment' tab. Once details are submitted these will be reviewed and processed by the PlayHQ team and the platform's payment provider - Stripe.

Managing administrator access to your association

My Organisation > Admins > Active Users, 'Invite new admin' button

It is recommended that only individual email addresses (association or personal) be used because it is harder to revoke access, in the case that someone leaves a committee if shared committee email addresses are used.

An administrator can use the same PlayHQ Profile Account (same email address/same password) that they use for their own participation (or their dependant/s) in sport.

Use the ‘Invite new admin’ link to invite a new administrator.

To find out how to give somebody admin access, view this helpful support article -

To revoke an administrator's access, select the 'Details' button and then the 'Revoke access' link.

Competition Setup

Adding a competition

Competition Management > Add/View Competition

You'll need to create a 'Competition' which is a collection of grades that run in one or more seasons. A typical competition is 'Junior Domestic', 'Senior Domestic', '<Sponsor name> Domestic', 'Tournament', etc.


More information about adding and managing competitions here


Adding a season

Competition Management > View Competition > Add/Edit Season

After creating your competition, you'll need to set up one or more seasons prior to setting up grades. Participants register to a competition season.

More details about creating and managing seasons can be found here.


Adding Grades

Competition Management > View Competition > View Season > Add/Edit Grades

Once you've created your season, you can begin to set up your Grades. A grade will contain a collection of teams that compete against each other during the season.

Further information about creating and managing grades can be found here.


Registration Setup

Set up custom fields

Registration tab (within applicable competition season) > Custom Fields


Custom fields can be created and added to registration forms to collect additional information from participants and/or teams as they register.  Custom fields can also be hidden from participants/teams and used by administrators to record relevant information.

More information on how to create and manage custom fields can be found here.

To view and/or edit custom fields, there are two options:

  • View Reports > Participation Report - Download report and the custom field information will be displayed in each individual’s record.
  • View Participants > Search for the participant and view their Registration History to see the custom field details.

Set up a family member discount

Registration tab (within the applicable competition season) > Association tab

You can set a percentage off all subsequent registrations to the same competition season by the same account holder.

For example, if your standard registration price is $100 and your family discount percentage is 10%, the first registering family member will be charged $100, the second will be charged $90, the third will be charged $90, etc. The registrant will see the following confirmation of the family member discount as they register:

More information on how to set up family discounts can be found here.


Set up discount vouchers

My Organisation > Overview > Vouchers tab

You can configure discount vouchers that can be distributed to participants/parents to discount the registration fee payable at the point of payment. Each organisation in PlayHQ can create its own vouchers. Such vouchers only discount the relevant organisation's fees.

More information on how to how to manage discount vouchers can be found here.


Set up Products

Products allows items such as apparel to be created, managed, and subsequently offered for purchase to participants and teams during the registration process. The Orders Report assists administrators to track orders and manage fulfilment, and the Transaction Report displays all product purchases.Screen_Shot_2020-11-23_at_11.47.55_am.png
More information on configuring merchandise products can be found here.


Set up Registration Forms

Competition Management > My Competitions tab - View the competition season you want to work with > Registration tab

There are a number of different scenarios for participants registering to associations.  They include players registering directly to the association (the association will then allocate players to the relevant team (Participant to Season form)).  Another scenario is the Association allowing teams to self-register (Team to Season form), which will then create a unique registration link for participants of each team to register directly to their team (Participant to Team form).  Find below support articles on how to configure each form:

Configure Club Management Settings

Competition Management > My Competitions tab - View the competition season you want to work with > Registration tab > Club

This section allows an association to invite clubs to participate in a competition season, such as a tournament, as well as configuring advanced settings that apply to these clubs, including:

  • Club team allocation dates - configure the dates whereby club administrators can allocate their teams to the competition grades
  • Association player registration fees that are applied to all club player registrations
  • Inclusion of the Association T&Cs (if T&C's previously added)
  • Custom Fields

Post-Registration Tasks

View a registered participant list

Participants tab (within applicable competition season) 

Once a participant has registered, they will appear in this list. You can use the various filters to assist in finding a participant.

Create teams and allocate participants

Teams tab (within applicable competition season)

Association and club administrators can add a team.

Once a team has been created, players, coaches, and team managers can be allocated to their team/s.  If a participant has registered directly to their team, they will be allocated already.



Allocate teams to grades

Grades tab (within applicable competition season)

Once teams and grades exist in a season, teams can be allocated to grades. If a team has self-registered, they will likely already be self-allocated to a grade. This article provides an overview of the team allocation process.


Locate your association’s PlayHQ fixtures/ladders and registration pages URLs 

Associations and clubs have their own PlayHQ website that contains access to fixtures/ladders/results and a list of available registrations. It is recommended that you link your website, Facebook page, etc. to these pages. Once you have done this, participants will be able to directly access this area via your website or Facebook page. If you choose to use these universal links (season, competition and association independent), you will not need to change these links on your website each season as the PlayHQ platform manages this automatically.

  • Click on Discover an association or club
  • Find your association and click on it
  • This is your association’s universal fixtures/ladders page; you can copy this URL and link your website here
  • Click on the Register tab
  • This is your association's universal registration page; you can copy this URL and link your website here


Game Scoring

Games can be electronically scored by an authorised administrator setting up an Electronic Scoring Session at Games that you allocate to a venue/court on a given date will be available for you to electronically score.

Alternatively, games can be manually scored using printed score sheets and results manually entered by an administrator – access via the Game Day main menu item.

Electronic scoring support can be found here.

Game results

Game results are available via Game Day and/or the relevant Grade’s fixture/ladder. Game results can be overridden if required. Participants can be tagged to/from a game if required.

Game results sent from electronic scoring and/or entered by an administrator are immediately available to members of the public. Grade ladders immediately reflect updated game scores.


Program Setup

Add Local Programs

Programs > Add/View Program

A Program is typically a recurring event in which players learn the essential skills of basketball and maybe a holiday program, a skills development series of sessions, a representative tryout, or similar. This support article contains a detailed overview together with step-by-step instructions. As an association, you can create Local Programs, but not Shared Programs. Shared Programs are available to administrative body organisations only for programs such as Aussie Hoops, state development programs, state league tryouts, etc.

Begin by creating a new program:


In a similar fashion to competitions, programs use Seasons that participants register to. Set up a Season to then be able to configure Custom fields, Groups, a registration form, and generally administrate the program. Below is a summary of the features of Programs and Competitions in PlayHQ:



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