Transfer program participants between organisations


This article describes how to transfer a shared program participant between organisations in the same program season.


Program transfers allow a participant who has registered to one organisation, to have their registration transferred to a different organisation participating in the same program season. When a participant's registration is transferred, their existing registration is cancelled in the source organisation and a new registration is created in the destination organisation.

Program transfers can only be performed by a 'super admin' or an 'administrative body admin' user of an administrative body that is a 'parent' of both organisations involved in the transfer.

Program transfers do not allow a participant to be transferred:

  • From a program to a competition
  • To a different season of a program
  • To a different program in a different season

💡  Tip: If a participant needs to be transferred for the scenarios above, cancel the participant's registration and instruct them to register to the required competition, program or season.

Transfer a participant between organisations

To transfer a participant between organisations, search for the participant to transfer and navigate to their participant profile. On the profile page, expand the appropriate registration record to be transferred then select Transfer:

Select a Destination Organisation then select Transfer:

Once transferred, the existing registration record will be cancelled and a new record created at the destination organisation:

💡  Tip: Ensure you're 'Using As' your admin body when performing a program transfer

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