Release week of the 5th of October 2020

In this release (release delivered on 6th October to Production users) we have released the following enhancements to PlayHQ.


Enabled in Production

  • Increased the number of participants (increased to 20,000) that can be viewed by Administrators within a season's Participant list.
  • Resolved an issue with Payment onboarding for Associations and Clubs.


Not yet enabled in Production but available for testing for Sports administrators in your nominated testing environment. 

Local & Shared Programs

Following on from the 'Create' flows delivered in the previous release, we are now enabling organisations to 'Manage' the Programs and Seasons which they have created or are participating in.


  • Program registration form (local/shared).

  • Program season custom fields (local).

  • Program Season settings as a parent organisation (Shared) .


  • Custom field from local program season.

  • Program (if they have no seasons in it).

Enhanced summary view of: 

  • All Admin Body Programs - 'Managing' and 'Shared' tags are now visible.

  • All Participating Centres Programs -  'Participating' tag is now visible.

  • Registration form details (shared) - status, dates, and 'Manage' button is now visible.

  • Organisation list due to Pagination (100 per page) .

We also delivered:

  • 'Launch Season' button.

  • 'Share Program' toggle.

  • 'Configuration Registration Settings' button.

In the upcoming release (15th of October) we will continue to enable the management of Programs and Program Seasons:

  • View, re-order, update and delete custom fields for Shared Programs.

  • View and update Registration Settings (as a parent organisation for a shared program).

  • Filtering of the organisation list (as a parent organisation for shared programs).

  • Implement 'un-share' rules for shared programs.

  • Ability to delete a Local Program Season.

Our stretch goal will be to commence work on Program Groups.

Government Voucher Programs

Many State and Territory governments offer a sports voucher program to increase the number of children playing organised sport by reducing cost as a barrier. Organisations must be an approved activity provider and parents/dependents must apply for their child's unique voucher code that can then be applied when registering to reduce registration fees.

There are four key steps:

    1. Managing government vouchers
    2. Government voucher integration (NSW only)
    3. Government voucher reporting
    4. Using Government vouchers with local and shared programs (coming soon).

Key information is:

  • Multiple organisations in the hierarchy can enable their government voucher. The government voucher will be applied firstly against the organisation the registrant is applying to (only if enabled) and if there are surplus funds then it will be applied against the next organisation in the hierarchy (only if the government voucher has been enabled) ie. firstly applied to a clubs registrations fees, then to association fees, then admin body and finally the national body.   
  • Once applied, the government voucher will appear on:
      • the registrant's invoice.
      • the transaction report.
      • the government voucher report.
      • NSW Active Kids Vouchers are integrated with the Playhq platform and therefore require a POSID to be created by organisations governing bodies.
      • PlayHQ vouchers will be applied to the registration fees first and then the government voucher will be applied to maximise the saving for the registrant.  This is because the government voucher can stretch across multiple organisations (if enabled) whereas the PlayHQ voucher is limited to one organisation.


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