Release week of the 12th of October 2020

In this release, we have released the following enhancements to PlayHQ.

These features are not yet enabled in Production but available for testing for Sports administrators in your nominated testing environment.


Local & Shared Programs (Registration)

We have delivered the ability to;

  • Allow participants to register for local and shared programs.

  • Participants can view program information, choose user and Player roles, enter participant details, apply PlayHQ vouchers, pay for program fees, and receive email program registration confirmation and invoice attachment.

  • Administrators can view and search for participants who have registered to a program (local or shared).

In the upcoming release (29th of October) we will continue to enhance the Programs registration process and the administrator experience. We will be focussing on:

  • Purchasing products (multiple variant, local & shared programs).

  • Applying Government Vouchers at local and shared programs checkout.

  • Displaying Terms and Conditions.

Local & Shared Programs (Administrator)

In this release, we have developed further the 'Management' functionality of Programs including:

As an Admin Body Admin who has created a shared Program: 

  • View and filter the organisation list by registration form visibility, registration form status, and season share status.

  • Create and update custom fields and view them on the registration form.

  • Update Program, Season, and Registration settings.

As a Child Admin Body helping to manage a shared program:

  • Create, update and view registration settings.

  • Refine the season dates (that have been inherited from the parent organisation).

  • View custom fields that have been inherited and restricted from editing.

As a Participating Centre who is participating in a Shared Program:

  • Complete the registration settings wizard.

  • Update custom fields.

As a Participating Centre who ha created s a Local Program:

  • View and reorder custom fields list.

  • Update season settings.

  • Update registration settings.


In the upcoming release (29th of October) we will continue to enhance the Programs administrator experience. We will be focussing on:

  • Age restrictions.

  • Commencement on Program Groups.

  • Commencement on communication 'opt-in'.

  • Ability to delete a program or season (for the remaining scenarios).

  • Validation of season and registration dates against child organisations.

  • Disable the visibility of $0 registration fees.

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