Season Grade Stats & Leaderboards

Each grade on (excluding cricket competitions) has a statistics table showing every player that has played a game in that grade, along with all of their relevant statistics for that grade. Each time a game is finalised, statistics for all players in the game will be updated on the grade’s statistics table.

This feature enables viewing of statistic leaderboards through sorting of individual statistic columns. For example, most goals, most points.

View Season Grade Stats

To view season grade statistics, go to and navigate to the relevant grade, click ‘Statistics’. Here you will see a list of all players who have played a game in this grade, along with their stats.



View Grade Leaders

To view the leaders of a particular statistic in that grade (eg. Leading goal or points scorer), click the arrow under that particular statistic. The leading player will now be displayed at the top of the list.


Re-graded Teams

If a team has been  re-graded from another grade, only players' stats from the selected grade will appear. For example, Jason played for the Jets in A grade for 3 games and scored 6 goals. The Jets were then regraded to B grade and Jason scored 18 goals across 11 games. When viewing the A grade stats, Jason will appear with 3 games and 6 goals even after the Jets have been removed from the grade. When viewing the B grade Stats, Jason will appear with 11 games and 18 goals.


Players who have played in multiple teams within a grade

If a player has played in multiple teams within a grade, they will appear in the table multiple times, with only the statistics earned for the listed team appearing in the row. For example, Jasmine, played for the Spurs Red team in A grade for 5 games and scored 24 points. Jasmine also played for the Spurs Blue team in A grade for 7 games and scored 15 points. Jasmine will be listed on the table twice.



Team Leaders

To view the leaders of a particular statistic for a certain team (eg. Team-leading goal or team-leading points scorer), click the arrow under that particular statistic. You will then need to scroll through the leaderboard to find the first player listed on your team. This player is the stat leader in that particular team.

Our team is in the midst of building out a downloadable report for association and club administrators to easily report on club and team leaders. In the interim, use your browser's in-built find tool by selecting ‘Ctrl+F’ on your keyboard. You can then search by team name. Note: a maximum of 50 participants will appear on each stats page, if you cannot find your team name, you may need to navigate to further pages by scrolling to the bottom of the table.


How to make a player’s statistics hidden and not public

Participants and guardians have the ability to make a player’s name hidden publicly, this includes removing their name from season grade statistics. If a participant profile is set to hidden, they will display as ‘Private Player’ within the statistics table. 

To make your profile hidden, you’ll need to log in to your PlayHQ account and navigate the below: > account > public settings > edit > hide my name publicly > private > save



What stats are available for my sport

Appearances - GP
Total Fouls - F
1 Point - 1PT
2 Points - 2PT
3 Points - 3PT
Total Score - PTS

Appearances - GP
Best Player - BP
Total Goals - G

Appearances - GP
Goals - G
Goal Attempt - GA

Appearances - GP
Field Goals - FG
Penalty Corner Goals - PCG
Penalty Stroke Goals - PSG
Total Score - G

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