This article describes how to extend an over or game in the PlayHQ Cricket electronic scoring application

Extending an Over

To extend an over passed the pre-configured ball limit, select Add Event on the Over Complete form

Select the event you wish to add

Select Apply

The additional ball has now been recorded

To continue the over further, repeat the same steps by selecting Add Event

Extending a Game

In order to extend a game whilst scoring using the PlayHQ Electronic Scoring application, the competition administrator must pre-configure this setting to be on within PlayHQ Admin Portal.

When the team batting second reaches the target total, a Game Complete form will be displayed. Select End Game Options

Select Continue Scoring.

Confirm you selection by selecting Continue Scoring. This will allow you to record additional events that will update player & team scores and statistics until all batters are out, the over limit is reached or you choose to end the game.

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