Captain Management allows clubs and association admins to:

  • select a captain for teams for a season

  • give captains management access on my teams

  • selecting or editing captains on lineups 

  • displaying captains on game centres, electronic scoring, my teams and gamesheets

  • allow captains to enter votes for club awards

Selecting captains for teams

Association and club admins can select captains, vice-captains and deputy vice-captains (options dependant on sports) via the team page.

  1. Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition and Season tile, and then view the Teams tab.

  2. Select the Team by clicking the View button.

3. Captains can be entered by selecting the Edit Player Attributes in the players section or Edit Captains in the Team Staff section.

4. Select the Captain from the dropdown option.

5. Select Save.

 6. Player(s) will appear with the captaincy next to their name, a success message at the top of the screen and they will appear in the Team Staff section with the management access defaulted to off.

Selecting Captains in lineups

As a club admin, when I am in the game centre and entering players in lineups there is a button to Edit Captains. Note: This process is also the same in My Teams for those participants with management access ie. Team Managers, Coaches and Captains.

Team captains will be preselected. Captaincy roles can be amended for existing captains or new positions assigned to players added to the lineup. In the example, Nev was selected as a captain on the team page. Perry can also be selected as a captain for this game.

Onced Saved captaincy tags will appear next to players in the lineup.

When the lineups are saved, the captaincy tags will display in the game details view.


Displaying Captains

Depending on a grades publishing settings when the lineup displays, so will the captains on public game centres.

Captains will also appear on gamesheets, my teams squad tab, and electronic scroring.


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