This article describes how to enter a Duckworth Lewis Result in the PlayHQ admin portal.

In the event that a game has been effected by weather or bad playing conditions and a team wins via a reduced target , then admins will be able to manually overide PlayHQs automatic results calculator to ensure the correct team receives the win

Entering DLS Result

  1. Enter all the team scores as you would normally , adjust over limits if required.

  2. Once all scores are entered select the Overide result dropdown

  3. Select “DLS Outcome“

4) Select the team you want to assign the Win . Once you select the outcome for one team the other teams outcome will be populated automatically.

NOTE : DLS outcomes are unique to the Game Type

One Day and T20 DLS Outcome options

2Day+ DLS Outcome options

5) Once you have the selected the correct outcomes click the “Save Game Outcome “ button

6) The game will be finalised and the DLS result will be displayed

Please Note DLS results are not available in the electronic scoring application as yet , this functionality will be introduced in the near future

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