Release Notes – 9th June 2022

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in PlayHQ UAT environment on Thursday 9th June 2022 and production on Tuesday 14th June 2022.

Feature Description 

Captain Management


Within the teams page on the admin portal, captains can be assigned to teams and also be given management access. Captains can also be nominated or changed within game line-ups for individual games. Captains will have icons displayed next to their names in line-ups, and these will be published on public game centres.

To start using Captains, go to the team page and select a captain from the allocated players or within lineups select edit captains. View the support article here.

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators, Participants with Management Access
Application: Admin Portal > Competitions > Season > Teams > View Team
Admin Portal > Competitions > Season > Grade > Fixture
Admin Portal > Game Day > Details
Participant Portal > My Account > My Teams > Fixture > Game

Mobile Device UX User Experience Enhancements

High traffic pages that are used for frequent day-to-day tasks have been enhanced for mobile. Administrators will now enjoy an improved mobile user experience to complete tasks on a number of pages including the allocate participants to team page for competitions, competition grade page and season permits page.

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application: Admin Portal > Competitions > Season

Relocation Of Statistics Within MyTeams

Within the MyTeams game centre, player statistics has been relocated into the lineups section. This change enhances the team management experience.

Applicable to: Participants
Application: Participant Portal > MyTeams > Game Centre

Increase Character Limit Of Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are displayed on registration forms for participants to view/accept when registering. We have two formats available with an admin able to provide a website URL or Test Input where the current character length is 5,000. This has now been extended to 20,000.

Applicable to: Association and Club Admins
Application: Admin Portal > My Organisation > Overview


Feature Description 

Syncing All Out Status To Admin Portal

When a team is 'all out', an update to 'all out' status within Admin Portal will occur to allow for calculation of Net Run Rate.

Applicable to: Association and Club Admins
Application: Admin Portal > Game Day > Game

End of Over Summary

At the conclusion of each over, a summary will appear detailing balls faced, batting statistics and bowling statistics from that over. The scorer can make amendments to the over via the scorecard adjustment feature if a mistake is identified.

Applicable to: Participants
Application: Participant Portal > Fixtures, Ladders, Results

Penalty Runs To Bowling Team

Scorers can now apply penalty runs to the bowling team. If done so, extra runs will be awarded to the batting team rather than being deducted from bowling teams' total. Penalty runs are displayed under Extras.

Applicable to: Association, Club and Electronic Scoring Administrators
Application: Electronic Scoring Portal (

Scorecard Adjustment

When scoring a game, team scores and individual player run totals can be adjusted via scoresheet view or the end of over summary.

Applicable to: Association, Club and Electronic Scoring Administrators
Application: Electronic Scoring Portal (


Feature Description 

New Profile Webhook


The profile webhook will capture any updates made to a PlayHQ user's profile, such as participant name and/or public visibility changes. These changes will trigger the update near real-time.
Example: If a player was to change their profile visibility status to ‘Hidden’, the profile webhook will instantly pass this update to our relevant partners, ensuring the player’s name is hidden from publicly facing sites such as the MyCricket App near real-time.

Applicable to: Integration Partners
Application: Webhook


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