Release Notes – 3rd March 2022

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in Play HQ UAT environment on Thursday 3rd March and production on Monday 7th March 2022.

Feature Description 
Ignore Non-Alpha Characters During Profile Matching

An addition to the profile matching feature (merging of the same profile if already in existence). Non-alpha characters will now be ignored when matching participant first name and last name. For example, John-Paul Smith will be profile matched as John Paul Smith.

Applicable to: Participants

Reset Game To Display Additional Players Notification

A message will appear in the e-scoring app to notify the scorer if additional players have been added to a team, they will need to reset the game via the options menu. This will trigger new players to appear as long as the device is connected to the internet.

Applicable to: Association and Club Admins, Participants

Transfer & Permit List Enhancements

Finding the status of transfers and permits was once a laborious task. Now admins have the ability to filter transfers and permits based on status. For example, if Johanna Smith’s transfer to the Darebin Football Club is Pending, when you filter for Pending transfers and permits, Johanna will appear within the search.

Applicable to: Association and Club Admins


Feature Description 
Season Permit Indicator

SP (Season Permit) will now be displayed on game lists within the participant portal, admin portal and eScoring app. This gives transparency of player status to leagues and clubs.

Applicable to: Association and Club Admins, Participants


AFL & Cricket ONLY
Feature Description 
Transfer Decline Destination Club

An additional transfer decline reason (“Destination Club Refusal”) has been added to the reasons an admin can select in the event a transfer has been declined.

Applicable to: Association and Club Admins

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