This article explains how to continue scoring from a new device whilst maintaining the existing scores and stats.



There are instances at games when the device that is used to score a game becomes unavailable due to low battery, software updates or other unexpected reasons.

Note: This is different from becoming a secondary scorer.  To have to scorers, scoring the one game follow these steps

In these instances the scorer may wish to continue scoring the game from a separate device without losing any data.

Before switching devices, the scorer should ensure that the original device is connected to the internet by checking their device wifi or 4G symbols and checking scores are syncing to This will mean that no data will be lost when switching.  The scores on the new scoring device will be from when the device was last connected to the internet.

Take over scoring 

Select any live game that you wish to score

Select Takeover as primary scorer. 

Screenshot 2023-10-25 at 9.39.02 am.png

Continue scoring the game with the latest scores and stats from the previous scorers device

The original device will be unable to continue scoring, unless they take it back over

Take back the scoring to the original device

If the original device is available again, or if scoring has been accidentally or maliciously taken from your device, you may take back the scoring by following the same steps above





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