Ending an Over, Innings or Game

This article describes how to end an over, innings or game both automatically or manually in the PlayHQ Cricket electronic scoring application.

Ending an Over

The end of an over is automatically calculated based on the grade settings configured by your Association Administrator:

At the end of the over, you can either select Return to Scoresheet to make updates to the over or review the scoresheet, or select End Over to commence the next over:

Select the New Bowler then Start New Over to commence the over:

Ending an innings

The end of an innings is automatically calculated based on the number of overs pre-configured by your Association Administrator for your grade:

The innings may also end if the second batting team passes the first batting team’s total.

To end an innings prior to the over limit being reached, select Actions then End Innings:

You can either select Cancel to return to the scoresheet to continue the innings, or select End Innings to start the next team’s innings:

To commence the next innings, select the new Strike batter, Non-strike Batter and Bowler then Start Innings:

If you end the innings of the second batting team and a super over is not required, you will be provided with the option to complete the game. To return to the scoresheet select Cancel, or to finalise the game result select Submit Game Result:

Once the game result has been submitted the game will no longer be scoreable on your electronic scoring device.

Ending a game

Ending a game allows a completed game’s result to be calculated and submitted to PlayHQ when the batting team has not surpassed their opponent’s total or are not all out.

To end a game, select End Game from the Options menu:

Then Submit Game Result or Cancel:

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