Managing Fill-in Players via Admin Portal

This article explains how club and associations administrators can add fill-in players to game line-ups.

Note: This feature is available to Netball, Basketball (excluding NSW and TAS), Cricket and Hockey.

Fill-In Records

It is important to note that when a fill-in is added to a line up it does not create a registered participant profile. A fill-in record means:

  • No checks are completed for any suspensions or life-bans

  • Contribute to an overall’s players profile and statistics

  • A game will not be recorded against any participant record and therefore count for finals eligibility

  • On the public match centre the record with appear as ‘Fill In’ for that particular game

Adding a Fill-In

Fill in players can be added in two ways:

  • Whilst a game is being e-scored

  • When selecting a line-up. This can be completed pre or post game.

Note once a line-up is locked only association admins will be able to change the line-up and therefore add fill-in players

For details on adding a fill-in via e-score click here

To add a fill-in via the admin portal:

  1. Navigate to a game details page via GameDay

  2. On the relevant team click 'Select Team

3. Select ‘Select Additional Player’

4. Select ‘Fill-in Player’

5. Enter the players details. First name and last Name are mandatory

6. Select ‘Add’

7. Add as many Fill-ins as required and select ‘Done’

8. Continue through the rest of the line-up selection

To view a list of all fill-in participants, use the Fill-in report

Replacing a Fill-in record with a Registered Player

If a fill-in player has since completed a registration and you would like to have the previous game(s) recorded against their registered profile you will need to replace the fill-in record with the registered player record by following the below steps.

  1. Ensure the participant has been allocated to the team

  2. Navigate to a game details page via GameDay

  3. Note any stats (goals, points, fouls etc.)

  4. On the relevant team select the pencil icon to edit the line-up (note: Club admins may not be able to complete, you will need to contact your league/association to complete this task)

  5. You will then be taken to the edit line-up page where the registered record would appear in the ‘Out’ section.

  6. Select the + to add them to the line-up

  7. Press the - button to remove the fill in from the line-up

  8. Select ‘Save’

10. You will need to add the stats against the new record by selecting edit game (Note the overall team score will not be impacted)

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