Release Notes - 11th January 2022

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in Play HQ UAT environment on Tuesday, 11 January 2022.  Note some enhancements will be available in production from the 11th January 2022 other new features will be available in production from Tuesday, 18th 2022. 


All sports
Feature Description 

Player Stats

(Player stats has been available in production since 23 December 2021)

Players can now get greater insight into their performance with the new player stats feature. Stats can be found in the My Public Profile in the Participant Portal and in the Admin Portal.

Players will be able to access a full  history of their stats across all sports that they have played. 

Insights include;

  • Previous registrations
  • Previous levels played
  • Frequency of games 
  • Personal results and stats from games. 

Players can choose to set their profile to public so family and friends can access their stats via the public portal. 

For more information click here

Note: AFL stats migrated from historical seasons will be available in a future release & will be communicated accordingly.

Applicable to: ALL

Registration Email Notifications

(available in production from Tuesday 11th January (AFL) &

Tuesday, 18th January 2022 (All other sports))

Registration email notification allows administrators to set up any email address  (does not to be associated with a PlayHQ user) to receive email notifications when: 

  • a participant registers to their organisation, including the invoice (Program or Competition)
  • When your organisation needs to approve a permit or transfer request
  • When a permit or transfer request is denied, and your organisation is in the chain of approvers

Administrators can select which of the notifications they would like to be sent to each email listed.

In a future release the existing transfers and permits notifications setting will be moved to under the new notifications section.

For more information click here

Applicable to: Club and Association Admins

Club Award Management Report

Club admins can now generate a Club awards report from the teams page by selecting Print Report.

Applicable to: Club Admins

Publishing lineups

Association admins via grade settings can publish lineups at the game start time, when selected or a set number of hours before game start time.  We have introduced an additional setting to display lineups when the game’s status is live or final.  If enabled the line-ups tab will display alongside the statistics tab on the participant game centre.  If not selected, only the statistics tab will display  when the game is in progress or finalised.  This will ensure that only the most relevant information is shown to followers and fans alike. 

As an association admin, go to your grade settings to review.

Applicable to: Club and Association Admins

Auto refresh roster & lineup in E-Scoring

When changes are made to a team line-up or roster through either My Teams or the PlayHQ admin portal these changes will now be automatically refreshed on already downloaded e-scoring games as long as the e-scoring device is connected to the internet.  As changes are now automatic, the refresh button has been removed from e-scoring.

Applicable to: Club and Association Admins

Permit Indicators

Players on a season permit will now be identified with a “SP” next to their name, and players on a game permit will now be identified with a “GP” next to their name

Applicable to: Club and Association Admins

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