Registration Email Notifications Settings

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application(s): Admin Portal > My Organisation > Overview

This article will cover the following:

  1. How to configure email addresses to receive notifications whenever a participant registers to a competition or program
  2. Unsubscribing from email notifications

Go to the 'Notifications' tab in ‘My Organisation → Overview’ section of the Admin Portal.

Using this new feature, administrators are able to configure email addresses to receive notifications whenever a participant:

  • registers to a competition
  • registers to a program
  • requests a transfer
  • requests a permit


Adding, deleting and configuring options for emails

  • To add an email address, an admin must type in a valid email address and press the ‘+ Add’ button.
  • To delete an email address, an admin must press the trash can icon.
  • To change the which types of notifications get sent to each email address, click the toggles.
  • To save any changes made to the page (new emails addresses added, email addresses deleted, options changed) press the ‘Update & Save’ button.

When a new email address is added, the name of the admin who added it and the date it was added appear under the email address.

Email notifications

When a participant registers to a competition or program, all emails configured to receive email notifications for that organisation will receive two emails; one email containing registration information and another email containing the invoice.



Each email contains the same subject line, differentiated only by the first work ('Invoice' and ‘Registration’).


If you do not wish to receive email notifications, all emails sent out as part of this feature now come with an unsubscribe here link:


Clicking the link will take you to an unsubscribe page where you can cancel your subscription to email notifications.

Clicking this button will remove your email address from all notifications sent from the sport that sent the email.



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