Some clubs have a club best and fairest award that is presented at the end of the season to recognise the teams best player over the course of the season. Votes are given by coaches and others at the end of every game to players who they consider to have performed the best in the game. These votes are then tallied at the end of the season and awards presented at a vote count or presentation night.

Club awards will be calculated by grouping all votes given to a player while playing under a normal registration, season permit, game permit or as a club player.

This feature allows Club admins to configure club awards and manage the collection of votes.

This article covers:

  • Club admins configuring club team awards for all of their clubs across the season or set individual team's awards.

    • viewing season vote tallies

    • downloading the season vote tally as a report

    • A report can also be generated with all of the table data by selecting the Print Report button.
  • Club admins entering votes on games

  • Club Team Managers and Club Coaches able to enter votes via My Teams

Configuring club awards

As a club admin, to configure awards:

Select the Competition Management main menu item, and then the appropriate Competition and then view the Teams tab.

Selecting the Configure Awards button will create and apply the awards set up to all of the club teams. Alternatively, selecting the View button next to a team will allow the awards to be customised for individual teams via the Awards tab on the team page.


When selected, the following can be entered:

  • selecting the voting system ie. 5,4,3,2,1 or 3,2,1 or 10-1.

  • the number of voters (1-6), and

  • whether Team Managers and Coaches can collect and submit votes via the “My Teams'' participant portal


Once the information has been entered, select Save.

Note: To avoid having multiple voting systems within one clubs season, once votes have been entered by a team, the season voting configuration setting won’t be able to be changed unless the club votes are removed.


For all club teams an Awards tab will be visible on the team page. The team page can be accessed by clicking View next to the team name on the Teams tab.


If the awards haven’t been configured at the season level then a club admin can set the awards.


Alternatively, if the awards were configured at the season level and passed down then the club admin can either use these settings or update as long as no votes have already been entered by selecting the Edit Award button. An award name can also be entered.


The Awards tab will display an empty season votes table if no games have been played or the team isn’t in a fixtured grade. When players have been selected in a lineup and appear in finalised games then the table will populate with their names, this list includes fill-ins and permit players.


As votes are entered, the players will display from highest vote-getters to lowest. In the example below, Yasin has polled votes in both games and is currently sitting first on 14 total votes with second place on 12 votes. Bye rounds will also be greyed out and a B visible on the total row.

8.pngVotes received whilst a player was using a season permit, game permit or as a club player will be displayed. There will be only one row per player that displays all votes received, even if they had multiple registrations.

Club admin entering votes

To enter votes, find the game via the Game Day menu and select Details.9.png

There is an Awards tab if team awards have been configured for the club team. If no awards have been configured, this tab will not display. Before entering awards, ensure players have been selected in the lineup, for more information on lineups click here.


In the awards table, Club admins can enter voters names which will then unlock the voting section.


Players must be in the lineup to appear and will display by player number (if any).


All votes must be allocated for a voter before the votes can be saved.


Once votes are saved, they can be seen in the awards tab and are only visible and editable by the club admin until the season has been completed. When the game is finalised the votes will appear in the season votes tally.


Coaches and Team Managers entering votes via ‘'My Teams’'

Depending on the club awards config, coaches and team managers are also able to enter club award votes via My Teams. Click here for more information on My Teams.


In the example above, both team managers and coaches can enter votes.

This done via accessing My Teams and the game.

Go to PlayHQ and log into your Playhq account.

On the top right-hand side select My Account.


Change user using the drop-down option if applicable.

Select the sport.

Select the team

From the fixture choose the game the votes need to be entered for.

Click on Enter Votes from the menu item.

Enter votes by first entering a voter name to unlock the voting slips. The votes can be saved when all votes have been entered. Votes are only able to be seen and edited by the club admin after submitting. Votes will appear on the votes tally when games are finalised.

If two voters are entering in votes for the same voter ie. voter 1 has submitted votes, if someone else is in voter 1 at the same time, then they will get an error message and will then need to submit the votes as a different voter.

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