Release Update - 22nd November 2021

We’re excited to announce the following features will be released into the PlayHQ UAT environment on Friday 12th November and production on Monday 22nd November (unless otherwise stated or agreed with PlayHQ)

All sports
Feature Description 
Age Groups

Club Admins now have the ability to view and manage registrations by age group and gender. This allows Admins to close age group registrations and set caps by  age or gender.

Additionally age group  restrictions and information will be displayed and applied on participant registration forms to make them aware of  caps and limits.

Applicable to: Club Admins | Participants

Memberships Advanced player fees age calculation

Admin Body's now have two options available to them when setting up membership advanced player fees based on age. 

Current functionality: Day of registration -  This means the cost of registrations will be set based on the age of the player on the day of registration. 

New Option: Custom Date-  The registration fee is determined based on a custom date set by the association. NB: This custom date will need  to be updated by Admins over time.

Applicable to: Admin Body Admins


AFL and Cricket
Feature Description 
Admin initiated transfers

Club admins can now initiate a transfer from within the admin portal. Previously, transfers could only be initiated by players and required approval from the destination club in order to complete.

Once a transfer is approved the participant and the destination club will receive email notification and the participant will be able to register for the destination club.

If declined, all organisations and the participant will receive an email notification.

Applicable to: Association Admins | Club Admins

Transfer Exception Period

Governing bodies with Global Transfers activated can now set date ranges in which transfers are disabled. 

This provides Administrators with out-of-office time where they don’t need  to be available to review transfers.

If a participant tries to complete a transfer during the exception period, their request will be blocked and they will be asked to come back when transfers reopen. 

Each exception period can be created in one of three ways:

  • Blocked for all organisations (default) 
  • Blocked for all organisations except a selected list
  • Open for all organisations except a selected list 

Applicable to: Governing Bodies | Association Admins | Club Admins


Cricket Australia
Feature Description 
2Day Game Outcome Points

Game Outcome points for 2Day matches can be accessed and configured from the admin portal.

Icons provide admins with clear explanations of all relevant abbreviations so they can easily understand and customise the feature.

Applicable to: Association Admins

T20 and 1 Day ladders

Admins can set up a ladder for T20 and One Day Games Types. Once a game is scored, the ladder will be updated on the admin portal and participant portal with points and specific calculations. Including NRR and Quotient .

Descriptions of the columns can be viewed when you hover over any of the column names.

Applicable to: Association Admins

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