Transfer Exception Periods

Governing bodies can apply transfer exception periods to create open and closed transfer request windows. Exception periods can also be used for holiday periods and times in the year when administrators take leave.

Add an Exception Period

AFL and Cricket Australia Only

Only the governing body (top-level administrative body) from the AFL and Cricket Australia can add exception periods.

To create an exception period:

  1. From the Menu, click the Settings > General
  2. Click the Transfers Tab
  3. Click the Add Transfer Exception Period button.

  4. Enter the Name, From Date and To Date.

    Date ranges must not overlap with an existing exception period.

  5. Use the Settings to decide how restrictive the exception period will be.
    Setting Transfer Requests will be:
    Block All Blocked for all organisations (default)
    Block with Exclusions Blocked for all organisations except for a list of organisations
    Open with Exclusions Open for all organisations except for a list of organisations
  6. If any associations are excluded from this, add them using the Association search.

  7. Click the Add Transfer Exception Period button.
  8. The transfer will appear in the list.

    If a participant attempts to register to an organisation that currently has transfers blocked, they will be blocked for submitting their transfer. Participants will be asked to return to registration when transfers are open again.

It's recommended that governing bodies also set up a subsequent transfer exception period for opening transfers.

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