Release Update - 8 November 2021

We’re excited to announce the following features will be released into the PlayHQ UAT environment on Friday 29th October and production on Monday 8th November (unless otherwise stated or agreed with PlayHQ)

All sports
Feature Description 
Age Groups

Age Groups allows Association and Club Admins to easily identify, filter and manage participants and registration numbers. This feature allows Admins to categorise players based on their date of birth making it easier to identify where players should be allocated.

Association Admins can create and manage age group settings from within season settings in the admin portal. Players age groups, if configured, will display and can be filtered on the participant tab, participation report and when allocating players to teams. Age groups are also on a participants registration history within the admin portal. 

In future enhancements, Club Admins will have additional functionality to view and manage registrations by age group and gender, including closing age group registrations or setting caps.  In addition these restrictions and information will be displayed on participant registration forms.

Applicable to: Association Admins | Club Admins

Player Stats

Players can now get greater insight into their performance with the new player stats feature. Stats can be found in the My Public Profile in the Participant Portal and in the Admin Portal.

Players will be able to access a full  history of their stats across all sports that they have played. 

Insights include;

  • Previous registrations
  • Previous levels played
  • Frequency of games 
  • Personal results and stats from games. 

All stats will be set as private by default. Players can choose to set their profile to public so family and friends can access their stats via the public portal. 

Note: Player stats will be available in UAT from Friday 29th October. It will not be going into Prod until further notice.

Applicable to: Sporting Codes | Club Admins | Association Admins | Participants


Feature Description 
Combined Transfer and Permit Auto Approval Process

AFL now has a combined auto approval process for their transfer and new season permit requests. There is now an 8 day window after a request has been submitted for both the source Club and the Association to approve a request. The Source Club must first approve the request before the Association can approve it. 


If neither the Club or  Association approve the request within the allotted 8 day period, the request will be auto-approved. 


Note: This will only apply to new season permit requests, not existing ones. 

Applicable to: Club Admins | Association Admins


Cricket Australia
Feature Description 
2day+ Game Type

Association Admins can now select the 2Day + Game Type when creating a grade. 

This new feature allows Admins to; 

  • Select the number of playing days 
  • Configure the playing time for each day 
  • Set a compulsory close over limit 

Note: 2Day fixturing has not been built yet. 

Applicable to: Association Admins

T20 and 1 One Day Ladders now calculating all values

Association Admins can now see ladder calculations in the Admin and Participant Portal once scores are entered for a game.

Calculations include; Points, Points Avg, NRR , Quotient , Runs For , Overs Face , Runs Against , Overs Bowled , Wickets Taken and Wickets Lost

Applicable to: Association Admins

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