Registration Age Groups and Gender Limits

Clubs can manage participant registrations per age group and gender in a competition season. This  allows clubs to:

  • Instantly view participant registration numbers by gender and age group
  • Avoid accepting too many registrations by setting age and gender caps on registration forms
  • Open or close registrations for particular age groups.

Associations must set up Age Groups in a season

Clubs can only apply age and gender limits to registration forms if the Competition Administrator has set up Participant Age Groups in the season.


View Registration Age Groups

When Age Groups are set up in a competition season, clubs can view and manage registration numbers by age group.

  1. From the menu, click Competitions
  2. Click View on the appropriate Competition Season.
  3. Click the Registration tab.
  4. Click the Age Groups tab. (This tab will not appear if Age Groups have not been configured)

Limit or Close Registration Access

To set registration limits or close registration access in a specific age group, click the edit.icon.png(Edit) icon on the relevant row.

Limit Registrations

To limit registrations, under Registration Limits, Untick Unlimited and enter a registration limit number. This can be based on gender or the total number of registrations in the age group.

If the number of registrations exceeds a set limit, the text Limit Reached will appear.

If gender limits are higher than the total limit, a notification will also appear.
Click Save when ready. Age groups with a registration limit will display the limit in the table.


Open and Close Registrations

To open or close registrations, under Registration Access, toggle the switch to Open or Closed.

Opening or closing the 'All Genders' (top row) will change all access switches.

Click Save when ready. Registration groups that are closed will appear in grey.


Participant Registration with Age Groups

Participants will see any age groups that are set up when they register. A note will display with any age groups that are closed or limited.

Participants that cannot register due to age group restrictions will see the message "You do not meet the requirements to register. Please contact your club for support".








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