View Player Statistics in My Public Profile

Players can review their statistics in My Public Profile within the Participant Portal. Player Statistics provide players with a comprehensive insight into their career performance. Players can check their statistics to see:

  • Their previous registrations
  • The levels they play at
  • How often they played
  • How well they did

Share and celebrate player stats with family and friends as soon as a game has been finalised, or use player stats to get a sneak peek into your opponents' lineup before a game.

My Public Profile (including statistics) is linked to the privacy settings on your profile and private by default. Profiles (and therefore statistics) can be made public with profile privacy settings. Public statistics appear in the PlayHQ Discovery Site when viewing a player profile in game lineups.


View Statistics

To view profile statistics:

    1. Log in to your PlayHQ account.

    2. Click on your name and then select My Account.

    3. If viewing another profile in the account (such as a dependant), change the user.
    4. Click My Public Profile.
    5. The Statistics tab will be displayed. Select the Sporting Body statistics to display using the dropdown.

      Tip: You can also view a profile from a game lineup.

When do statistics appear?

Player statistics will only display when the participant is in the lineup of a finalised game.

What statistics appear?

  • Players can see all of their historical statistics (across all sports). 
  • Sporting codes decide on the types of stats to display.


The top of statistics area shows an overview. Career statistics are shown by default.

Overall Club statistics can also be displayed using the dropdown. Any participation outside of a club is combined into one selection called 'Non Club Participation'.


Season Stats

Season statistics appear under the Overview. The most recent season registration will be displayed. Use the dropdown to select previous seasons.


Team or Grade Changes

A team based table will appear within each season. Additional tables are shown if the participant changed teams during the selected season. The most recent team appears at the top.
Each season, a highlighted row (with totals) will appear if the team was regraded. The most recent grade played will appear at the top.


Game Stats

Game statistics appear as white rows in the table. The most recent games will appear at the top.



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