Administrators can review participant statistics in the Administration Portal, providing a comprehensive insight into player performance and player milestones. Administrators can review player Statistics to understand:

  • Where a player has registered before
  • What levels do they play at
  • How often they played
  • How well they did

Organisations can use statistics to reward players, assign player points, or allocate players to teams and grades.


View Participant Statistics

To view participant statistics:

    1. From the menu, click Participants.
    2. Use the search fields to find the participant.
    3. Click View on the participant.
    4. Click the Statistics tab.

      Tip: You can also view a profile from the participant list in a season 

When do statistics appear?

Player statistics will only display when:

  • The participant is in the lineup of a finalised game, or
  • Player Points are assigned to the participant.

What statistics appear?

  • Administrators can see all historical statistics of a participant (within the sport). 
  • The governing body decides on the types of stats to display.

Career Overview

The top of participant statistics shows a career overview. Career stats are split into Club based statistics. Any participation outside of a club is combined into one row called 'Non Club Participation'.

Season Stats

Season statistics appear under the career overview. Every season displays as a block, with the most recent season registration displayed at the top. Season stats are broken down into teams and grades.

The page will initially display the five most recent seasons.


Player Points

Any Player Points assigned in a season appear on the top right. 


Player Points are also visible before being in the lineup of a finalised game.


Team or Grade Changes

A new row will appear within each season if the participant team was regraded. The most recent grade played will appear at the top.


A new row and team total will appear within each season if the participant changed teams. The most recent ream appears at the top.

Game Stats

To view game statistics, click on the plus icon located to the right of any team/grade. This will expand the selection to reveal individual game stats. The most recent game will appear at the top.

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