Release Notes - 19 October 2021

We’re excited to announce the following features will be released into the PlayHQ UAT environment on Friday 15th October and production on Thursday 19th October (unless otherwise stated or agreed with PlayHQ)

All sports
Feature Description 
Live Scoring

Live scoring can now be accessed via the public, participant and admin portals. 

Clubs will see increased engagement from their community as supporters, families and friends can remotely follow along with a game's status in real time. 

This feature includes;

  • View live team scores, live indicator & last updated time in Public Portal & Public tab of MyTeams
  • Show “Live” indicator in e-scoring app (game centre page & game)
  • View live indicators in Admin Portal (game day page, game details page & fixture list)
  • New “In-Progress” status for games that are within their allocated game slot time or live
  • Editing live scored games from Admin Portal & MyTeams
  • Block secondary device from scoring a live scored game

These capabilities will reduce the admin burden for clubs as results will be immediately finalised at the conclusion of the game with no further data processing required. 

Applicable to: Association Admins | Club Admins | Team Staff | Participants

API: New ‘Public Game Summary’

A new API has been added to the Fixture Ladder & Results API collection. This ‘Public Game Summary’ API mirrors the schema of the already implemented ‘Private Game Summary’ API, as the name goes, this API is available publicly. 

Applicable to: Sporting Codes | Developer Partners

API: Enhancement to ‘Private Game Summary’

The private game summary has been enhanced to pick up pre-game information as well as the already implemented post-game detail. If a line-up is selected pre-game, this information will now flow through the API when called.

Alongside this enhancement, a minor bug has been rectified to allow non-player participants (e.g. Coach) to flow through the API if added to the line-up. 

Applicable to: Sporting Codes | Developer Partners


AFL and Netball Australia
Feature Description 
Volunteers on game sheets in the Participant Portal

Volunteers can now be added to a lineup via the participant portal and will populate on game sheets.  


This feature allows coaches, team managers and team organisers with management access, to electronically enter volunteers information when entering lineups.   Volunteer information is then populated onto game sheets, saving valuable time on game day.

Applicable to: Team Staff | Participants


AFL and Cricket Australia
Feature Description 
Webhook: New Grade

New ‘Grade’ webhook added to compliment the Competition related webhooks in the Discovery solution. This webhook will be triggered on the creation, update or deletion of a Grade within a Competition Season on

Applicable to: Sporting Codes | Developer Partners

Webhook: Age Limit fields added to ‘Competition Season’

Age limit start date range to and from have been added to the already existing Competition Season webhook. If age limits are added to a Competition Season this webhook will now also supply this information.

Details on the updated schema will be updated alongside the release.

Applicable to: Sporting Codes | Developer Partners

Data Warehouse: New ‘Profile Claim’ file 

A New ‘Profile Claim’ file has been added to the DWH solution to support our Profile Matching initiative. Any successful profile claims through the day will be picked up in this file to illustrate what profiles have been involved in a profile merge and which has been archived as a result.

Details on the schema will be updated alongside the release.

Applicable to: Sporting Codes | Developer Partners

Data warehouse: External Account ID field added to the ‘Profile’ file

The account holder’s external account ID field has been added to the profiles file. This field is only applicable to Cricket for the moment and is utilised as the Cricket Account ID linked during registration. 

For AFL this field will always be populated as null.

Details on the updated schema will be updated alongside the release.

Applicable to: Sporting Codes | Developer Partners


Cricket Australia
Feature Description 
Create Cricket Grade

Associations are able to create grades and select the relevant cricket game type (OneDay Cricket or T20). 

This new feature will allow admins to set the number of overs and time limit for a match. 

Applicable to: Association Admins

Entering Team Scores and Outcomes for OneDay and T20 cricket including Super Overs

Admins can now enter scores via the admin panel. Once all overs, wickets and runs have been entered, an outcome will be automatically calculated by the system and the match will be finalised. 


*This feature will not be released to production. Testing will be available in UAT from 15th October.


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