My Teams Select Line-Ups and Player Positions

Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators
Application(s): Participant Portal > My Teams

This article will cover the following:

  1. Selecting line-ups and player positions in My Teams

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Selecting a line-up in My Teams

Participants can view their team line-ups in My Teams. Team staff (Managers, Coaches, Captains and Team Organisers) with management access can also enter and edit player line-ups.

Managing Line-ups 

  • Administrators have the ability to select when teams lineups are published with Grade Settings.
  • Team staff will require Management Access in their allocated team to select lineups.
  • Team staff cannot select line-ups in games with current live scoring.

For Cricket

  • Players can be selected to the position of Wicket Keeper in the team line-up.

To select a line-up:

  1. Log in to the Participant Portal.
  2. Click My Teams.
  3. Select a sport and the team


4. Select a Game

5. Click Manage. The padlock and will show whether the game is editable.

6. Click Select Team in the line-up area.


7. The Add Line-up page will be displayed.


Player line-ups

To add players to the line-up, click the + Plus button next to the player you wish to add or the - Minus button to remove players from the line-up. Greyed out pluses are ineligible players for this game. Players may be unavailable for selection due to:

  • Suspension

  • Ineligible for finals

  • Age or gender restrictions for the grade

  • All positions have been filled (the player line-up limit has been met)

  • Season permit has expired

  • The player doesn't have player points (if required) or will exceed the player points cap (if enabled).


Players shown on the right column have been added to the line-up. A counter at the top of the column displays any line-up limits. The above example also displays emergency players, player points and player positions. Captains can also be selected for games by selecting the Edit Captains button.


The Next button becomes active when the line-up has been filled and is within the line-up limits.

Player Positions

If player positions are enabled they can be assigned when entering players in the line-up by using the drop down field under the POS* heading.

For more information on player positions click here



Adding non-team allocated players to line-ups

This gives the ability for managing participants to “add [non-team allocated] players” to their line ups from my-teams-manage section. Select + Select Additional Player.


Search for non-allocated players and press + to add to line-up.


Player is successfully added to the line-up.


Coach line-ups

To add coaches to the line-up, click the + Plus button next to the coach you wish to add.
Coaches and Assistant Coaches that are shown on the right have been added to the line-up. A counter displays any Line-up limits.

Tip: Coaches allocated to the team are pre-selected in the line-up.

Coaches may be unavailable for selection if all positions have been filled (the coach line-up limit has been met).



Volunteer line-ups

Adding volunteers is only available in Netball (NA) and Football (AFL).

Volunteers can be added to a line-up and are included in the Game Sheet with their specific roles.

To add volunteers to the line up, enter a First Name and Last Name next to the role you wish to add.


Click Save Team Selection when complete.

After saving, you will then be redirected back to the Game Centre page with your team line-up entered.


Players statistics and scores can now be entered, depending on the game status and permissions. The line-up can be edited by selecting the edit Line-Up button.

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