Applicable to: Association and Club Administrators, Team Managers, Scorers
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This article will cover the following:

  1. Live scoring indicators and game statuses
  2. Offline scoring indicators and game statuses
  3. Using the refresh button to re-attempt to synchronise game results

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Families and friends can follow games in real-time with live scoring. Clubs can also reduce administration by having results finalised at the end of each game.

Scores synchronise in real-time when scoring with PlayHQ Electronic Scoring if the device is online. Live indicators and real-time scores appear in the PlayHQ Administration Portal, Participant Portal (via My Teams) and the Public Site (via Game Centre).

Live Scoring

Games with synchronised scores display a 'Live' indicator on the top right of Electronic Scoring. A similar indicator appears in other PlayHQ portals displaying the game status and score.

The Live indicator can only appear on games with a status of In Progress.


The Live indicator will also be displayed when selecting a game. This means your device or another device is currently live scoring a game.

Live Scoring Game Status

The typical game status flow in games with live scoring:

upcoming.png > inprog_pill.pnglive_pill.png > finalgreen_pill.png    
  Electronic scoring commences (Device Online)



Game is submitted using Electronic Scoring      

Note for games that are In Progress and Live:

  • My Teams Management Access is locked
  • Unable to edit score from Admin. Portal Game Day
  • Editing result from Game Details has a warning
  • Blocks scoring on secondary devices


Offline Scoring

If a game does not display a Live indicator, it could be because:

  • Game scores were not entered using Electronic Scoring.
  • Game scores were entered using Electronic Scoring, but the device was offline throughout the game.
  • An Administrator has overridden the game statistics or results in the Administration Portal.


Offline Scoring Game Status

The typical game status flow in games without live scoring:

upcoming.png > inprog_pill.png > pendingyellow_pill.png > finalgreen_pill.png
  Game start time reached



Game end time reached  

Game result updated in Admin. Portal or submitted via Electronic Scoring that was previously offline.


Notes for games that are In Progress (not live):

  • My Teams Management Access is open
  • Able to edit scores from Admin. Portal Game Day and Game Details


Refresh button in e-Scoring

Internet connection is required to synchronise game results with PlayHQ Electronic Scoring.

If you do find that a game which has been completed on your e-scoring device, is appearing as pending in the Admin Portal and on, try these two troubleshooting steps:

1. Disconnect and then re-connect to wi-fi, hotspot or cabled internet; and

2. When your device is online, try clicking the refresh button found on the main screen of your e-scoring session. Then check if these game results now appear in the Admin Portal and on

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