Participants registering to PlayHQ have the opportunity to claim and merge duplicate profiles that already exist in PlayHQ.

Reasons for duplicate profile matches include:

  • Creating new accounts when one already exists.
  • Multiple account holders (e.g. parents) registering the same dependant (e.g. children) to their accounts.
  • Dependants creating a personal account and profile (e.g. children turning 18 years old)
  • Participant profiles already existing that were imported from legacy platforms.


Profile matching happens once the registrant completes the Participant Details section. PlayHQ looks for any matching profiles within the sporting code that applies to the registration.

Depending on the sporting code, participants may need to claim all duplicate profiles to continue the registration.


Duplicate Profile Criteria

PlayHQ searches for duplicate profiles that match a combination of:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth

In addition, the duplicate profile must also match one of:

  • Migrated Email Address
  • Post Code
  • Mobile Number
  • The organisation listed on the last registration.

Duplicate profiles will not be visible if:
- The profile to claim is a primary profile, and the profile being registered is a dependant.
- The profile to claim has had admin access at any time.

Claiming a Profile

There are three ways a duplicate profile can appear.

Profiles with the same email address

If the matching profile has the same email address, the participant can claim it instantly.

Click the Claim Profile button and wait for confirmation.



Profiles with an unverified email address

If the matching profile has an unverified email address, it can be claimed in a few steps.


  1. Click the Verify Email button. PlayHQ will send a verification email to the unverified email address.

    An email with a verification code is sent to the owner of the profile to be claimed. The owner can provide the verification code to the registering account holder if they approve merging it into the newly registered profile.

  2. Enter the Verification Code and click Claim Profile.
    participant.rego.duplicate.claim_verify_field.pngThe profile will be claimed if the verification code is correct.

    Contact Support if you do not have access to the verification code.

Profiles that cannot be actioned

Specific matching profiles cannot be automatically merged. Click Contact Support for assistance.

Claimed Profiles

Once a profile is claimed, PlayHQ will merge any registration history (across all sports), player stats and transfer history to the profile being registered.



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