The Squad tab allows team staff to view a list of players, coaches and team managers allocated to a team.

Team staff require Management Access in their allocated team to see the Squad tab.

Team staff, if given management access by their club or association, can use the Squad view to view a participant profile, including contact details, parent or guardian information and emergency contact details. Staff can also quickly access a team registration link for any new players.

To view a squad:

  1. Log in to the Participant Portal.

  2. Click My Teams.


  3. Select a team.

  4. Click the Squad tab.

View Participant Details:

To view participant details, choose a participant and click the :right-arrow: (right arrow).

The participant information will display.

Register a Participant to the team:

The Squads tab includes a participant registration link. This link will display if an open Registration Form is configured in the Administration Portal.

To invite participants to the team, click Copy Link and send the registration link to the participant.
Once the participant has registered, they can be allocated to the team.


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