Release Notes - 27 September 2021

We’re excited to announce the following features are live as of Monday 27th September (unless otherwise stated or agreed with PlayHQ)

All sports
Feature Description 
Edit player numbers on the game details page Admins, team organisers, team managers and/or coaches who have access to selected team lineups, will now have the ability to edit player numbers for a specific game when selecting a lineup in Game Day or using My Teams.  Previously, player numbers could only be added in the teams page or when a game was being scored.  
Game Types  A game type will save all the settings related to a structure of a game for each sport.
  • Game types will allow for different settings across games for sports such as cricket.  For example different settings for one and two day games
  • Settings such as overs, innings, game slot length, ladder points outcomes and period types can be set against a game.
  • A new setting ‘Game Types’ will be introduced where admins can set the relevant attributes. 
Note: AFL, Netball and Basketball will not see a change to their comp or grade settings
Configuration of publishing lineups  Associations will now have the ability to set if game line-ups are published to the participant portal prior to a game, this will allow players, parents and spectators to view the selected teams for a game.  
  • New setting “publishing line-ups” in grade settings
  • Association admins can set when line-ups should be published to the participant portal prior to a game in grade settings, admins will have the choice of; 
    • Game start time (default)
    • When selected - This setting will publish line-ups as soon as they are submitted by club admin, association admin or team manager/coach
    • Set amount of hours before a game start time
  • Line-ups will be available to be viewed on the participant portal based on the grades settings
Club Coach and Club Team Manager access to enter scores  Club Team Managers and Club Coaches with Management Access enabled, can now inherit club access settings to enter scores via the participant portal. Club access settings must be enabled by their association to use this feature. 
Managers and Coaches will be able to;
  • Enter period and game scores 
  • Edit both teams lineups
  • Have management access for a certain period after a game has commenced.  
Adding coaches from participating organisations to the lineup  Association and Club Admins will have the ability to add a coach to a specific game from the team lineup page as long as they have registered as a coach to that organisation in the same competition and season.  Previously coaches were required to be allocated to the team, however they can now be added to only a particular game if required.  Registered coaches can be added to a game from the admin portal only by Association or Club admins. This will allow for instances when coaches may be filling in for another coach.
Merge duplicate profiles 

Administrators can now conduct a search from the participant profile page in the administrator portal in order to find duplicate profiles

Netball, Basketball and Cricket: If a duplicate is found administrator should contact their organisation support team to request a merge. Find contact details of your organisations support team here 

AFL: The Administrator has the ability to merge profiles together via the administrator portal. This feature is available to Admin Body Admins and Affiliate Admins


AFL Only
Feature Description 
Androgogic Phase 1 & 2  AFL specific integration to support ingestion of coach registrations from their Learning Management System
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