The PlayHQ Administration Portal allows parent organisations to view the child organisations in their structure. Only certain administrator roles can see child organisations (see table below).


Manage Organisations

To view child organisations, go to Settings > Organisations.

The Manage Organisations page will display. The organisations shown will depend on the viewers' Administrator role.

Administrator Role Visible Organisations Notes
Super Admin All child organisations This role is available to Tenants only.
Admin Body Admin Child organisations  
Affiliate Admin Child organisations This role is available to Associations only. Only Clubs are visible when linked as child.
Full Access Admin Only My Organisation  
Club Admin Only My Organisation  


View an Organisation

From the Manage Organisations page, pick an organisation and click the View button. 

The Settings page will display to view or edit certain fields and manage public visibility of the PlayHQ organisation.


Create an Organisation

Tenant Only

Only Tenants (the top-level administrative body) can create organisations.

To create an organisation:

  1. From the Manage Organisations page, click the Add New Organisation button
  2. Complete the required fields.
  3. Click Create Organisation.


To add administrators, select the new organisation in the Using As dropdown (top left) and then Invite Administors.


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