Release Notes - 13 September 2021

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in Play HQ UAT environment on Friday 3rd September and production on Monday 13th September.



Game Permits


The game permits feature allows a player that has not registered to a club in a competition season to play a single game for that club in the competition season.

A player that participates in a game on a game permit is not visible in the season participant list for the organisation they participate for, nor are they added as a permanent team member for the team they participated for. They simply participate in the game and have no further involvement in the organisation they participated for.

The following have been implemented this release:

  • Game-permitted players will be flagged on electronic scoring.   

The following features were implemented as part of last Release:

  • The ability to enable game permits on a permit agreement, and limit the number of times that a player can participate using a game permit in a competition season
  • The ability to search for and add a player into a team’s line-up from within the admin portal
  • The ability to check whether a player is eligible for a game permit
  • The ability to show game-permitted players in the games played report
  • The ability to record game scores and stats against game permitted players in the admin portal 
  • Game-permitted players will be flagged on both the admin and participant portal

For more information on Game Permits click herePlease note Global Game permits will be implemented by AFL.  Local Game Permits for other partner sports will be delivered in the future.

Coach lineup limits

In addition to the previous release, managing coach lineup limits including the minimum and maximum coach restrictions will now be visible and enforced on electronic scoring.   

Fixture Ladders Results API Endpoints: 

The below endpoints are now available for consumption in production:

  • ‘Private Game Collection’ - for more information click here
  • ‘Private Teams List’ - for more information click here

The ‘Private Game Summary’ endpoint is now available in UAT

For more information on PlayHQ API click here


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