Release Notes - 30 August 2021

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in Play HQ UAT environment on Friday 19th August and production on Monday 30th August (unless otherwise stated or agreed with PlayHQ)



Game Permits

UAT Only

The game permits feature allows a player that has not registered to a club in a competition season to play a single game for that club in the competition season.

A player that participates in a game on a game permit is not visible in the season participant list for the organisation they participate for, nor are they added as a permanent team member for the team they participated for. They simply participate in the game and have no further involvement in the organisation they participated for.

The following features have been implemented:

  • The ability to enable game permits on a permit agreement, and limit the number of times that a player can participate using a game permit in a competition season
  • The ability to search for and add a player into a team’s line-up from within the admin portal
  • The ability to check whether a player is eligible for a game permit
  • The ability to show game-permitted players in the games played report
  • The ability to record game scores and stats against game permitted players in the admin portal 
  • Game-permitted players will be flagged on both the admin and participant portal

COMING SOON-Game-permitted players will be flagged on electronic scoring.   

For more information on Game Permits click here

Age & Gender Restrictions to Team Selection

Age and gender restrictions for team selections allows association admins to restrict grades to specified ages and/or genders.  For example an association admin can specify a grade is for females between a given date of birth range.  The following features have been implemented

  • Association Admin can turn on age and/or gender restrictions for a specific grade and then select which age ranges and/or genders can participate in the grade.  
  • Association and club admins can view restriction details for the currently allocated grade.
  • Players who have not met restriction criteria can not be selected in a game
  • An association admin can allow a player to represent a team in all their games in the season by  ‘bypassing’ any age or Gender restriction rules

For more information on Age and Gender restrictions click here

Club to Association Link

Associations can now be the parent organisation of clubs.  This will allow the new association ‘’Affiliation admins’’ to navigate to, and have access to clubs they are a parent of and complete relevant tasks on their behalf.

  • Sports  will have the ability to specify associations as the parent organisation of a club.  This will allow relevant association and admin bodies admins within the hierarchy access to that club.
  • Introduction of a new association administrator role - Affiliate administrator.  Affiliate administrators will be the only association administrators who can navigate to child clubs, by selecting the ‘using as’ feature and selecting the relevant club.
  • Affiliate administrators will be able to navigate to clubs and have the same permissions and  complete all the same actions which club administrators can complete.

Coach lineup limits

Administrators have the ability to set coaching limits for games within grade settings.  The minimum and maximum coaching limits will be visible and enforced when selecting coaches for games.  On the game details page for administrators or the participant portal for coaches and team managers with management access can move coaches in and out of lineups.  Players must be selected first and then coaches can be adjusted, depending if restrictions are required.  

COMING SOON-The minimum and maximum coach restrictions will be available on electronic scoring.   

Voucher Update

Vouchers can now be created with decimal amounts and the given amount applied during checkout when used by the participant.


The following Fixtures, Ladders & Results (FLR) APIs are all available in UAT ONLY for testing purposes:

  • Private Game Collection, Private Teams List, Organisation Seasons, Season Teams, Season Grades, Grade Fixture (incl. Game Centre URL), Team Fixture (incl. Game Centre URL) & Ladder


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