Age and Gender Restrictions

Association Administrators can now restrict team lineup selection for a game based on age and gender criteria set at a grade level. 

If a participant has not met the required criteria, they will be disabled from the team selection function in the admin portal (GameDay ), My Teams and Electronic Scoring Platforms. 

Association Admins will also have the ability to exempt a player from these restrictions should they see fit. 

These settings and can be used independently or in parallel

Setting Up Age & Gender Criteria at the Grade Level 

When creating a new grade you will see a new option labelled Age Restrictions. 


If the Age toggle is switched on 3 mandatory fields will appear 

  • Calculate the age of player as at date* : On this date, the player should fall in the following age range 

  • Two Age ranges dropdowns, A minimum age and Maximum Age



Fill in the desired values and create the grade , any players who do not fall in the specified age range based on the calculation date will NOT be available for line up selection. 

If the Gender Restrictions Toggle is switched on 5 Gender Options will be displayed and all options will be pre selected


Unselect the any options you want to restrict , Only the Selected players will be available for line up selection. 

Restrictions displayed on Team Allocation Page  



When you navigate to the allocation page for teams participating in the grade you have enabled restrictions for the Grade Details section will display the age and or gender restrictions applied to the team. 

Team Selection Based of Age and Gender Criteria 

If a player is has not met the age and or gender criteria for a team , then the following actions will occur on the GameDayPage , MyTeams and Electronic Score Application  


Selection icon to move players from out into the active line up will be disabled for player who did not meet the age criteria , a tooltip message will also be displayed informing the admin that this player is unable to play due to age criteria not being met 

My Teams Participant Portal

Similar to GameDay the selection icon will be disable and a tooltip message will appear


Electronic Scoring 

Similar to GameDay and MyTeams the selection icon will be disable and a tooltip message will appear


Age and Gender Override (Association Admins Only)

If a club needs a player that does not meet the age and gender requirements to be selected in a game they can make a request to the association admin to override the age and gender eligibility status in order for the player to be selected.  

Association admins can action this request by navigating to the relevant team allocation page and selecting the “Edit Player Restriction Status“ button (This button can only be view in an association org , clubs will not have access)


The admin will be navigated to the management page , where they can choose to override a players status , to make them eligible or ineligible. 

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