Release Notes - 16 August 2021

We are excited to announce the below features will be released in Play HQ UAT environment on Friday 6th August and production on Monday 16th August (unless otherwise stated or agreed with PlayHQ)




Organisation Logo Upload 

(Available 8 August)

Admins will now have the ability to upload a logo for their organisation through the admin portal via the My Organisation > Overview settings page.  Organisation logos are displayed on organisation pages, ladders, fixtures and results on the PlayHQ participant portal and on the e-scoring app.

Best Players


The Best Players feature allows clubs and teams to nominate the best performing players in a game and publish their names on the public game centre.

  • Associations can enable the best players feature in grade settings within a competition
  • Once enabled association admins can set how many best players can be selected 
  • Admins can then select the best players for a game from the game details page
  • Team Managers and Coaches with management access can also select best players for a game via My Teams
  • Best Players will appear in the game centre for finalised games

For more information on best players click here

Netball e-score

Netball admins will have access to netball specific e-scoring app to score games court side.  E-scoring allows for scorers to enter goals and goals attempted against teams and players selected in the line-up. At the completion of a game, results will be directly published to admin and participant portal.

Netball Game Sheets

Netball Admins can choose between basic or advanced team sheets within grade settings. Netball team sheets can be downloaded from game day for individual or multiple games or within the game details page for individual games. The basic and advanced versions adjust depending if halves or quarters have been selected as the period type.  For more information on Netball e-scoring click here

Netball Coach Accreditation

The ability for coaches to select their netball coaching accreditation when registering has been removed.

Venue & Playing Surface Attributes

Venue and Playing surface attributes have been updated to include sport specific information.  The below is included for each sport, allowing for tenant administrators to set what attributes a playing surface has to assist with tasks such as fixturing:

  • AFL: Surface type, lighting attributes, score board, female friendly change rooms, perimeter fencing, oval size, cricket wicket profile
  • Cricket: Surface type
  • Netball: Surface type, Electronic Scoreboard, Permanent Goalposts, Adjustable Goalposts, Lighting

Coaches in team lineups-admin portal

(UAT Only)

Administrators will have the ability to set coaching limits for games within grade settings.  The minimum and maximum coaching limits will be visible and enforced when selecting coaches for games.  On the game details page, there is a new ‘’Team Selection’’ button where players must be selected first and player lineup limit requirements met before coaches can be moved in or out. The team entries report has also been enhanced to display coach and assistant coach information to confirm whether teams have coaches allocated.   COMING SOON-The coach selection functionality will also be available soon on the participant portal and electronic scoring.   

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